The MiG Buddy

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Welding Gun Holder for MIG Welding Guns

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  • Saves Money, Saves Time, and Keeps You Safe!
  •  Keeps Your Welding Gun Ready To Go!
  • Made from Industrial Strength Materials
  • Universal Mounting System
  • Lifetime Warranty

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  • 2 Piece Industrial Plastic Holder
  • Comes with Universal Mounting Kit
  • Fits many welding gun manufacturers – More Info
  • Assembly Instructions – Click Here
  • Several ‘How To’ instructional videos – Click Here
  • Lifetime Warranty

10 reviews for The MiG Buddy

  1. L Isabelle

    I purchased this as a gift for a friend who builds racecars. With as much welding as he does I figured it’d be a good fit. I saw him the other day at the bar and he bought me a drink saying he doesn’t know how he worked without it for so long. High praise from a guy who’s been building cars for 40 years.

  2. Dr. Fisher

    This is a tool that no doubt received a lot of thought and testing and comes with plenty of hardware to mount to most anything, unlike some other holders it is strong yet non nonconductive and has a nice place to hang your coiled cables when not in use.
    I have been welding for 40+ years professionally and certified, I can say this product adds safety to the job by creating a safe place to hold a mig gun and leeds ( should also fit others like tig and arc ) . In my career I have had 2 mig guns drop and break ( the trigger and spring flys out ) stopping production, this tool will help prevent the 3rd.

  3. Guest

    I had bought one of those bent metal ones with magnet base and it just did not work, always tipping over when the magnet let loose. This MiG Buddy product attacks the problem differently and it’s so easy to use. It holds the gun securely but it is easy to get in and out and after a while it becomes automatic. I drop my mig gun in and I know where it is all the time. What a great product!

  4. Michael Hare

    Needed something to isolate my gun from the work bench. Mig Buddy works great, very well made and comes with great mounting hardware. I plan on installing these on all my work stations.

  5. Pat W

    My small shop is crowded with equipment and work orders. Anything I can do to prevent equipment damage and someone getting hurt, I jump on. The MiG Buddy was a great solution for us , helping us to keep jobs moving and our tools organized.

  6. Rod Crawford

    Solved the problem to hold your mig gun while working.

  7. Daniel R

    Been welding for 28 years and when I saw this Mig Buddy it reminded me of a thousand times I could have used a tool like that. Never too late for improvement, bought two – one for me and bought one for my son-in-law who’s just starting out.

  8. Jim

    Works very well, holds the gun up high so it’s not able to hang up on the end of the table. mag is very strong. Well made.

  9. Jessi C

    Love your stuff. I’ve used the MIG Buddy for over two years now and won’t work without it.

  10. Big_Jissum

    Works Well!

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