Needed something to isolate my gun from the work bench. Mig Buddy works great, very well made and comes with great mounting hardware. I plan on installing these on all my work stations.

M Hare
I got my Mig Buddy in the mail very fast service. I set it up and attempted to use it with my Bernard Q gun it worked perfect!!! It could be about 1/16inch bigger on the bottom but it works. Thanks for a great product. Darrel

D McPherson
Very handy for tip changes. Holds my Tweco gun securely freeing both my hands.

J Mohr
The MiG Buddy makes my welding work easier and more productive because it allows me to quickly and safely store and retrieve my welding gun so I can adjust my welder, inspect my work, and perform grinding operations. The MiG Buddy keeps my welding gun right at hand.

Bill F – Walnut Creek, CA
The MIG Buddy keeps the gun assembly in a location you can always count on and prevents damage to a part of the welder that means so much to the quality of a technician’s welds.

Peter L – Contra Costa College Professor, I-CAR Welding Administrator – San Pablo, CA
I purchased this as a gift for a friend who builds race cars. With as much welding as he does I figured it’d be a good fit. I saw him the other day at the bar and he bought me a drink saying he doesn’t know how he worked without it for so long. High praise from a guy who’s been building cars for 40 years.

L Isabelle
Safety is always a concern when I’m welding in my shop. With the MiG Buddy I’ve greatly reduced accidents that just happen when you have a lot going on and you’re using all kinds of tools. It’s nice to know the MIG gun is in a safe place and ready to go.

John B – Port Monmouth, NJ
This is a tool that no doubt received a lot of thought and testing and comes with plenty of hardware to mount to most anything, unlike some other holders it is strong yet non-conductive and has a nice place to hang your coiled cables when not in use. I have been welding for 40+ years professionally and certified, I can say this product adds safety to the job by creating a safe place to hold a mig gun and leeds ( should also fit others like tig and arc). In my career I have had 2 mig guns drop and break (the trigger and spring flys out) stopping production, this tool will help prevent the 3rd.

Dr. Fisher